Repair services  for the complete line of Exlar® product ranges, including Legacy products.

List of Exlar® Model Numbers

  • Refurbishment to “like new” factory specifications
  • Initial inspection of external components
  • Complete mechanical teardown, cleaning, and assessment of internal components.
  • Comprehensive data acquisition of motor and feedback components.
  • Replacement of worn components. New bearings, feedback, and power connector replacement (as required).
  • Feedback alignment to factory specifications
  • Inspection, reconditioning, and re-lubrication of the main screw and roller screw assembly.
  • Brake Rebuilding
  • Bench testing of repairs

Major Repair

Stator rewinding service

Stators are rewound with class H magnet wire and potted with class F epoxy encapsulation.

Roller screw rebuilding

Rebuild or replace roller screw assembly.

Feedback Installation

Encoder replacement or repair, with alignment.

Rotor rebuilding

Rotor rebuild includes magnet charging, Kevlar banding, and magnetic rotor balancing.


We offer machine shop services with CNC milling capabilities.

If we don’t have the part, our machinists can make it.

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