Exlar Linear Actuator Repair

Repair Services  for Exlar GSM, GSX, FT, SR, Tritex, and Tritex 2 

Minor Repair
New bearings, feedback and power connector replacement (when needed). Feedback alignment.
Recondition and re-lubrication of roller screw assembly on all actuators.

Brake Rebuilding

Bench testing of repairs

Major  Repair

T-slot stator rewinding service:  Re-wound, with class H magnet wire, and potted with class F epoxy encapsulation. Finished stator winding.

Roller screw rebuilding: We rebuild and replace roller screw assemblies.

Feedback Installation: Encoder replacement or repair, with alignment.

Rotor rebuilding: We rebuild rotors, magnetize, reband with Kevlar  and balance magnetic rotors.

Part fabrication
Full machine shop services, with CNC milling capabilities.
If we don’t have the part we’ll make it!

Evaluation Fee
An evaluation fee is charged on all repairs for initial evaluation.  The fee covers both electrical and mechanical evaluation, and root cause failure analysis.  The fee is non refundable, and is included as a part of the total repair price.

Emergency Service
Expedite the repair process for an additional fee.

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