Actuator Repair

Servo Solutions, Inc. specializes in the repair of servo-driven actuators and actuator systems driven by a lead screw, belt, or roller screw mechanism.

Our repair service includes a complete diagnostic evaluation, disassembly, and failure analysis.

Re-building includes component reconditioning and necessary parts to return units to factory specifications.

Servo Solutions, Inc. offers new drop-in replacements when our team deems units uneconomical to repair.

We offer a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Makes and Types of Actuators We Repair Include

Exlar® Legacy Products

  • SR Series
  • GS Series
  • I Series
  • PSA Series
  • Tritex Rotary
  • Tritex Linear

Exlar® Products

  • GSM Series
  • GSX Series
  • GTX Series
  • K Series
  • FT Series
  • FTP Series
  • FTX Series
  • EL Series
  • Tritex ll AC Linear
  • Tritex ll DC Linear

Allen Bradley

Evaluation Fee

Servo Solutions, Inc. charges all units an evaluation fee.

The fee covers electrical and mechanical evaluation to determine the root cause of failure.

Evaluation fees are non-refundable and included in the total repair price.

Emergency Service

Expedite the repair process for an additional fee.

Please contact (630) 963-5400 for further information.

Contact Us

Address: 239 W. 61st St

 Westmont, IL 60559

Phone: 630-963-5400



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