Servo Solutions, Inc.
Motorized Pulley Repair Services

At Servo Solutions, we repair most brands of motorized pulley motors including, Interroll, Sparks, and Van der Graaf. We specialize in Interroll motorized pulleys used in food processing applications, sorting applications, and general industrial use.

We provide our customers a quality repair service they can count on to maintain productivity and efficiency.

The Servo Solutions Difference

Our standard repair includes a detailed inspection of both the mechanical and electrical components of your pulley motor. The following goes into every repair.

  Electrical inspection consists of the following tests

   Resistance to ground at 500v.

    Line to line resistance

    Surge comparison test of electrical windings.

    Cable inspection

All data is recorded on a report for future use as well as a comparison on final inspection.

  Mechanical inspection consists of the following.

   Inspect gears for wear.

    Remove all bearings and measure bores using 3 point     bore gages.

    If bores are determined to be out of specification we will machine and sleeve the bearing housing.

   Check all other mechanical components for wear.

  Our standard repair includes the following:

Cable replacement with super cut resistant, high flex cable from Igus. Our tests have shown this     cable is superior to the OEM material offering better oil resistance, and higher cut and abrasion
resistance. See photo and specifications below.

1. Highly flexible special cable
2. Energy conductor with signal pair elements stranded around high-tensile center cord
3. Extremely highly flexible braided-pair copper shield
4. Gusset-filling, pressure extruded
5. Highly flexible braided copper shield
6. Pressure extruded, PUR blend
  All bearings in the motor and gearbox are replaced. Bearing housings are inspected for wear and repaired if required. The stator winding is cleaned in our high temperature detergent parts washer, rinsed, and baked till dry. If re-winding is required, the stator winding is replaced with class H 200 degree magnet wire, and processed in high strength epoxy resin.

  New oil seals and labyrinth seals are installed in the end caps. The components are assembled, placed in the housing, and the end caps are secured in place with Loctite 680 to insure leak free operation.

  The assembled unit is filled with food grade oil, and tested at the appropriate voltage. The running current is recorded and saved.

  The unit is then carefully packaged in insta-foam packing material to prevent damage, and shipped.

Thank you, for considering Servo Solutions for your next motorized pulley repair.
IGUS PUR Energy Chain® cable, shielded, oil and coolant resistant, cut-resistant, flame-retardant, hydrolysis-resistant, microbe-resistant, PVC-free/halogen-free.

Classification of the IGUS Chainflex® cable:
Class 6.4.3

6: Cables for continuous movement in Energy Chains® for highest mechanical load requirements and radii from 5 x d and speed up to 32.81 ft/s (10 m/s)

Travel distance:
4: Unsupported and gliding Energy Chain® up to 1,312 ft (400 m) or more

Resistance to oil:
3: Oil-resistant (according to DIN EN 60811-2-1, DIN EN 50363-10-2)